From Paris to Bangkok, “Khon by Pichet Klunchun” is back.

After a six-month delay in the pandemic, Khon by Pichet Klunchun Dance Company revived at ChangChui, Bangkok.

The Khon or Thai mask dance is one of the most famous traditional and controversial dances in Thailand, but Khon dance at the Pichet Klunchun Dance Company is not about ‘classical Thai dance’. The owner and choreographer, Pichet Klunchun, defies the norm and integrates this orthodox dance with contemporary style to present a different version of Khon.

According to its unique Khon performance, the company received an invitation from the musée du quai Branly in Paris, and organized an event ‘Le combat de Rama et de Todsakan (The Fight between Rama and Todsakan)’ in December 2021. After an international tour, the show returned to Thailand and was supposed to hold an event in the first half of 2022, but postponed because of the new surge of COVID-19.

Photographer: Varuth Pongsapipatt
Writer: Jamas Kositvichaya

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