Thais who Tie

Shibari–a traditional artistic rope bondage originated from Japan. It was popularised as one of the many activities in BDSM subculture. In a sexually-suppressed Thailand, rope practitioners are fighting against the norm.

Dong Redrope’s (Thai Shibari Practitioner) signature style is fast and forceful.
Dong Redrope showing how to bind decorative weaves. He dedicates a room in his Eastern Bangkok home for Shibari practice.
The rigger must put the emphasis on safety, since rope bondage can pose serious physical risks. Main parts to keep eyes on are joints, nerves, and blood vessels.
Dong’s fiery red dungeon is decorated with St. Andrew’s Cross and other BDSM equipment.
A mannequin used to practice techniques. Its hard surface makes tying harder than tying soft, supple human flesh.
Minor (Thai Shibari Practitioner) rehearsing and practicing with Hong Kong singer TikChi, who is about to perform her songs while being tied up.
Small community of young Shibari enthusiasts at Minor’s studio.
Minor playing with Charlotte when she is not working or practicing Shibari.
Japanese woman asking to be tied up by Minor during a rope jam in a Sukhumvit bar.

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