Sex Content Creator: Secret life under the good moral of Thailand

Sex issue is one of Thailand’s controversial topic over a decade. Between one party who argues that sex is human nature and makes reproduction process. We can talk about sexual staff in public or in online platform, or even possible by recording sexual activity with consent.

While another raised that sex is prohibit, violates a good moral, and must keep it in secret. To make matters worse, the authorities have arrested many sex creators to ‘preserve a good tradition’.

As the controversy continues, they have a group of people who reveal their faces and challenge these norms. Use online channels such as Twitter or the OnlyFans website to uncover their personal sexual interest, no matter what gender or sexual orientation they are. With the belief that sex is not a bad thing and no need to be concealed.

Photographer: Varuth Pongsapipatt
Author: Jamas Kositvichaya

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